Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Skating Polly - Louder In Outer Space

Riot Grrrl revivalists Skating Polly released their latest EP 'This is it' at the end of April; we missed it and have been sulking after giving ourselves a much needed talking to... not least because this compact 3 track release features 90's alt-rock legends Louise Post and Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt!

'Louder in Outer Space' is final track on the EP and is a succinct summary of what the group calls their "ugly-pop" sound as unblemished indie-pop is swept aside by measured bouts of thrashing fuzz.

Kraków Loves Adana - Beautiful Lie

I've never been to hamburg but if Kraków Loves Adana are anything to go by then maybe i should. The group put out an EP in march and i've happily stumbled across it; falling in love with the dark colour of Deniz's voice and the charming mésalliance of shoegaze and indie-pop on their most wonderful of tracks 'beautiful lie'

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Madonnatron - SANG NEUF

Madonnatron release their debut (and self-titled) album next month (release date June 30), and its loaded with wailing post punk psychedelia.

With a bruising rawness to Madonnatron‘s sound and sometimes anarchic mixes of instrumentation the group have caused something of stir already with the opening track (and single) ‘Headless Children’ being picked up by the likes of the Quietus.

 ‘SANG NEUF’ is taken from ‘Madonnatron’ and it’s a brilliant introduction to band who while possessing an honest directness to their delivery, stray far from the beaten track, remaining wayward and far adrift from the realms of pop.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Annabel Allum - Eat Greens

With her signature biting vocals and dirty slurred guitar parts its hard not to sit up and take notice of the alt-rock sound of Guildford-born Annabel Allum. We first came across Annabel's politically tinted grunge rock through a striking track called 'Rich Backgrounds' which she uploaded to the listening post back in April; we loved that track and have since sifted through her soundcloud and twitter for any hints of more to come and now rumors abound that Annabel will be releasing an EP in the summer! Great news for lovers of snarling female fronted rock.

Duck - Low

Duck have returned with their latest lo-fi synth-punk gem.

 The, Yorkshire based three piece first came to our attention with their promising debut EP "sLaCk gOb"; a wonderful introduction to their world of wonky, fuzzy noise-pop.

 The new video "Low" is the first track taken from the group's debut album "FaceAche" which is scheduled for release in September. "'Low" opens with dreamy vocals and gentle finger picked guitar in a brief but clever foil to underscore the absolute torrent of ultra-distorted scuzz which follows.

 Simply put, low is a true noise-pop banger


 Upcoming UK Tour dates
 01/07/17 - NARC Fest - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
 15/07/17 - Castle Hotel - Manchester
 22/07/17 - The 1 in 12 Club - Bradford

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Adult Mom - Soft spots

One of the more redeeming features of indie-pop as a genre is its ability to invest humour and irreverence in the quotidian, a trick which New York's Adult Mom have to perfection in their track 'Full Screen' taken from their latest album Soft Spots released 19th May

Adult Mom, genuinely cheered me up no end and i'd recommend 'Soft Spots' in a heartbeat; especially the lyrically intelligent falling out of love song 'J Station' and the bittersweet (if wonky) ballad 'Drive me home'.
'Soft Spots' is available from the groups bandcamp:

Friday, 26 May 2017

Emily Magpie - 'The Witching Hour'

Emily Magpie's new single 'The Witching Hour' is spellbinding. Released today 26/05/17 the track opens with a spooky ghost vocal effect setting the mood instantly. There's elements of noise composition at work placing the track neatly into the "witch house" genre (see what she did there?), but the trappy rhythmic backing means its not a total goth-fest for more casual listeners. you can listen to the witching hour here:

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Marika Hackman - Cigarette

Crazy to think this is our 50th blog entry where does the time go? the answer of course is listening to great music! speaking of which London based singer Marika Hackman launches her new album ‘I’m Not Your Man’ 02nd June which is pretty exciting. Lyrically brilliant; Marika's Alt-rock sound is typified by it's strong imagery and wit.
Having just shared a final preview track 'Cigarette' ahead of the release, Marika had revealed a more intimate, delicate face to her music. We can't wait to hear more!

Tops - Further

Having relocated from Montreal to Los Angeles, Canadian Dream-popsters TOPS have put out their latest single 'Further' taken from their upcoming album ‘Sugar At The Gates’. This chilled single is light on the guitar and is instead lead by a gorgeously warm electronic keyboard sound which does much to emphasise the delicate lyrics of lead vocalist Jane Penny whose voice cuts through the mix as brilliantly as the chiming ride cymbal which sizzles away under this jazzy feeling track.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Jane Weaver - 'Did You See Butterflies?'

Back with a new album and a host of UK & European tour dates ahead we're seriously excited about Jane Weaver's latest video 'Did You See Butterflies?' (uploaded may 12th)

Taken from her new album 'Modern Kosmology',  'Did You See Butterflies?' blends analogue synths with jangling guitars and angular electronic percussion to form a kaleidoscopic pop song; modern, left-field, and uncompromising in its loving homage to psychedelic-rock

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Fifi Rong - 'The Same Road'

We've got a lot time for the synth-pop revivalist sound of Fifi Rong; her new single 'The Same Road' is to be released 16 June and it does so much right we fell in love with it instantly.

Featuring crisp, dry electronic drums, airy synths and strong expressive vocals. Also it's probably the coolest bit of single artwork we've seen on this blog, listen here:


Friday, 19 May 2017

HÅN - 'The Children'

We're a little bit in love with the dark pop of singer HÅN. Like an early autumn evening her music is overcast in places yes, but occasionally, when the clouds part, there's a light which shines through and which warms her music considerably. HÅN's debut single 'The Children' will be released on May 19th via @FactoryFlaws/Freecom

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Soccor Mommy - 'Out Worn'

Taken from the upcoming album 'Collection', Out August 4th, 'Out Worn' is the latest track from New York/Nashville based Soccor Mommy. Featuring brilliant vocals from Sophie Allison, it's a gem of indie-pop. We can't wait to hear more!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Flora - Mutar

Electronic singer songwriter Flora (Liron Meshulam) releases her new single 'Mutar' today and it is hypnotic & beautiful. Taken from her forthcoming album in which the Israeli born singer sings in her native Hebrew for the first time, 'Mutar', opens with glistening sequenced keys, that dance playfully as Flora's deeply expressive voice draws the listener in. The track gradually evolves, and as synths begin to swell, we are spurred along by rolling percussion which clashes like waves against open hi-hats. We particularly enjoyed the unexpected, addition of mournful trumpet work in the outro (think 'kind of blue' era miles davis) A must listen.

Maiah Manser - Second Skin

Seattle based Maiah Manser has just released her debut EP Second Skin via Freakout Records. Featuring strong evocative vocals, dark atmospherics and electronic drum samples that sound like they're coming from the bottom a well, Second Skin is worth a spin.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Hatchie - Try

Brisbane's Hatchie has just released her debut single 'Try'; an airy piece of dream-pop with a real ethereal quality to it. Listen for the big chorus which blossoms out of the mid section 2:10 onwards

Monday, 15 May 2017

Soundcloud Scavenging #4

I'm a bit in love with soundcloud... hardly headline news i know; "music blogger likes music" is a bit of an obvious statement. Still we live in an age where we have a whole world of art, culture and (most importantly) music at our fingertips allowing me to share with you everything from the latest chilled single from dreamy Danish electronic act AyOwA (released 05/05/17), to the Transatlantic electro-pop of New York's Teenage Love, then round things up with the sultry modern pop sound of Sølv.

  I hope you enjoy listening as much as i did.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Waxahatchee - 'Silver'

Speaking of Philadelphia, West-Philly based Waxahatchee are putting out their new record 'Out in the Storm' July 14.

 Now i've had their track 'Silver' stuck in my head all month, there's no denying it 'silver' is a proper ear-worm with relentless crunchy guitars slogging away beneath layers of super melodic vocals. A heavenly slice of alternative rock to brighten your day.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Cayetana - New Kind of Normal

Cayetana are one of those groups that make me want to drop everything, move to Philly and just go follow the band on tour for a few months I kid you not. I'd been looking forward to their new album since the group dropped the video to 'Mesa' back in February and i'm happy to report 'New Kind of Normal' is everything i'd hoped it would be; Boisterous, un-garnished Indie-pop, with an immediacy that makes it catchy from the outset. I can't fully explain it; there's just something joyous with this group. They're nothing flashy but i like that; the recordings are honest and that lends itself to good songwriting and storytelling... take 'Easy to Love' two minutes in there's a drop followed by a disorientating battle between several interweaving vocals, it's dramatic, moving and well perfect

RXC - Better

UK based electronic artist RXC uploaded a new track yesterday (12/05/17). Written, recorded and produced by RXC 'Better' is a pensive, work of indie electronica and at a brief 2 minutes 38 well worth a listen.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Half Waif - ‘form/a’

‘form/a’ is the latest record by Brooklyn based Nandi Rose Plunkett, better known as ‘Half Waif’.

 Released April 07th, the EP features 6 tracks of scintillating electronica fused with classical influences and wistful vocals. Lyrically brilliant, the EP explores a theme of ‘Home’ allowing Nandi’s voice to resonate with a melancholic beauty as her talent for turning delicate and emotive phrases shines throughout (Note track 3 Magic Trick: “I dissipate like fog in the morning”).

For your consideration, we offer the opening track ‘Severed Logic’; a compelling work of art-pop which had us hooked from the start

Available to download now ‘form/a’ is also available in a limited edition 12” vinyl release of some. For more info see:

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Golden Age of TV - Dust

Leeds based five piece The Golden Age of TV unveiled their new single 'Dust' 10/04/17 and its a wonderfully wonky and wobbly lovable piece of indie-pop. The group is making waves at the moment, recently featuring in DIY and with good BBC airplay for the new material. lets hope there's more to come!

Astrid Swan - A Long Time Running

Helsinki based Astrid Swan is probably one of the most versatile singers imaginable; seamlessly navigating across genre's with a compelling confidence. Her single 'A long time running' is taken from the new self-produced album 'The Bed and Beyond' (released 03.03.2017), which deals with cancer. 'A long time running' is a beautiful and immersive Electronic ballad which grows in intensity without surrendering the tracks delicate feeling. Lyrically it is a song about the fragility of hope; intelligent and absorbing, you can't help but be drawn in.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pill - Speaking Up

Brooklyn art-punks Pill have revealed their new video 'Speaking Up', the track is an interesting mix of lo-fi feminist punk with stabs of free jazz sax. 'Speaking Up' is taken from the album 'Convenience' released via Mexican Summer

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Kamikaze Girls - 'Seafoam' (album preview)

DIY punk darlings Kamikaze Girls release their debut album 'Seafoam' June 9, 2017. We've had a listen and it is simply awash with the equally fuzzy and jangly riot grrrl sound the band do so well.

 After opening with the somber ballad 'One young Man' (which deals with vocalist and guitarist Lucinda Livingstone’s feelings of anxiety and depression following a robbery) the group quickly shift gear and move into full on frenetic rock mode with hard hitting tracks like 'Teenage feelings', 'KG goes to the pub' and 'Deathcap'. This is good stuff particularly with the harder, faster tracks finding balance alongside their more measured counterparts such as the angsty guitar anthem 'Good for Nothing' and the stripped and contemplative 'Weaker than'.

Nearing the albums end Kamikaze Girls depart entirely from the poppy immediacy of the earlier songs, and at Seafoam's close make room to explore new ground with the dreamier feeling 'unhealthy love', and album highlight 'Sad Forever'; which is both lyrically spot-on, as well as being musically the most ambitious track on the album. 'Seafoam' is a great listen, a welcome follow on to the groups' critically acclaimed debut EP SAD; You can pre-order 'Seafoam' now via Kamikaze Girls bandcamp:

Monday, 8 May 2017

A N i • G L A S S - Geiriau

A N i • G L A S S has just released her new EP 'Ffrwydrad Tawel' and it's a triumph of rich vocal driven dreamy electro-pop. Choice pick from the 5 track record has to be the thumping indie-electro-floor filler 'Geiriau', you can't help but sway to the wavering arpeggiators rich synth lines and the New Order's True faith type drum machine . As for Ani's voice... well just listen

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Soundcloud Scavenging #3

Our latest playlist installment reveals we've been on something of an electro-pop binge as of late. Choice picks include the sublime sounds of Glasgow based Elisabeth Elektra (fka Zyna Hel) who performs mesmerizing (if gloomy) synth-pop, Swedish singer/songwriter (and harmonic power pop maestro) Lea Emmery aka Kid Wave, London based Sol Flare (whose free to download track 'Not holding on' is a delicious slice of 80's revivalism), and finally NE born now London based electronic noise artist Jennifer Walton, whose composition ORANGES possesses a surprising immediacy and accessibility for a track that verges on electronic doom.

Orchards - Darling

I think it was Overblown Mag that first introduced me to Orchards and well I was blown away... Writing mosaic-like pieces of guitar dominated 'Math-pop' Orchards are simply in a class of their own, their music emanating a dazzling effervescence which is exhilarating to behold.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Mogli - Road Holes

Berlin based Singer/Songwriter Selima Taibi aka Mogli launched her album 'Wanderer' yesterday so we took a listen and fell in love with her track 'Road Holes'. A strong vocal performance from Selima lifts this track and enhances the delicate backing. Leaning towards indie-folk, 'Road Holes' is a complex if steadily paced pop-song, featuring orchestral percussion swells and intricate if subtle guitar-work throughout.

Deerful - Subjects Of Our Love

Deerful aka Emma Winston has put up a new track on soundcloud ahead of the release of her new album 'Peach' (coming 9 June 2017 via WIAIWYA). 'Subjects Of Our Love' it's a nicely woven together mix of synths with wistfully romantic vocals and, (strange as it may sound) what appears to be found video-game samples which blip and chirp throughout. Quirky, well executed and firmly left-field 'Subjects Of Our Love' is worth a spin.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Calva Louise - 'I'm Gonna Do Well'

It's all but impossible to prepare yourself for the slightly unhinged sounds of Calva Louise... as their raucous fuzzy guitars clash with a sing-along pop sensibility you can't help be swept away... But if you fight the current for a moment and submerge beneath the depth of this tidal wave of overdrive you'll be thrilled to discover loving nods to surf-rock giants from the pixies to the beach boys.

Dumb Lovers - Jessie

Released today 5th May, 'Jessie' is the latest single from Bournemouth based alt-pop duo 'Dumb Lovers'. Opening with some truly cavernous sounding drums, one can't help but feel a shiver as the foreboding synths and atmospheric guitar 80's guitar rise out the gloom.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

DIDI - Awkward

Hertfordshire based pop songstress DIDI aka Lauren Deakin Davies has revealed her latest single 'Awkward' (independent release, 28th April); opening with fast down-strokes on a swirling phased guitar, 'Awkward' is a bouncy and upbeat example of direct guitar driven pop with a slight punk tint. Catchy & fun DIDI is worth a listen.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Siberia - Fragments

With (as i write this) a modest 96 Facebook likes to her name it is probably safe to say Orlando based Electro-Pop artist Siberia is still pretty underground... but i can't imagine that being the case for much longer, why? Well just listen to her track 'Fragments' Taken from her debut EP 'SEND', Fragments is an intricate and balanced example of intelligent modern pop with a strong purposeful atmospheric vibe.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ratboys - Control

Chicago based Ratboys have long shown promise with their subtle jangling US indie Pop. With their new album 'GN' coming out in June the group have given fans a sneak peek at the leading track 'Control'. With a clear rhythmic lilt, the guitars of 'Control' sway and swoon playfully around Julia Steiner's softly delivered vocals. It makes for a rewarding listen as a catchy well delivered indie track blossoms to reveal occasional hints of a roots/country influence

Monday, 1 May 2017

Peaness - Same Place

I was in need of something a little more melodic today, so imagine my delight at finding Chester based indie poppers 'Peaness' Released via ODD BOX RECORDS 27.1.2017 'Same Place' is a bouncy near four minute blast of jangly guitar pop. Heavily melodic and with super rich vocal harmonies throughout there's a shining bright quality to the track which helps it push above the pensive wistful lyrics which go hand in hand with the indie-pop genre.