Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Oh Wonder - 'High on Humans'

There are not superlatives enough for the latest 'Oh Wonder' track; 'High On Humans' is as infectiously catchy and well sculpted as electro-pop can get, I mean i'm even considering throwing a party just so I can playlist this little beauty, thinking about it i just might...

Sasha - 'Picking Flowers'

In what has been a good week for followers of the Fresh on the Net Dropbox; i was happy to see my earlier blog picks Duck make it through to this week's 'Fresh Faves' and had another welcome treat this time in the shape of the smooth, expertly crafted pop sound of Sasha with her delightful chilled track 'Picking Flowers'

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Julia Jacklin - Eastwick

Australian songstress Julia Jacklin has unveiled her latest video 'Eastwick'; its a wonderful, delicate pop ballad, with some incredibly well crafted, wistful lyrics. The single will be Out September 15th via Polyvinyl Records, Transgressive Records and Liberation Music

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Gordi - 'Heaven I know'

Released yesterday Sydney based Gordi has unveiled a lyric video for her spellbindingly immersive ballad 'Heaven I know'.

Listen out for the whispered counting which underpins the track in lieu of percussion and the David Lynch like noise-drone's at the tracks close
'Heaven I Know' is taken from Gordi's debut record Reservoir will be out 25 Aug

Le Pie - 'Go Unsteady'

Towards the end of last month Sydney based Le Pie released her new six track EP 'Sad Girl Theory' which is available via bandcamp.

 At times dreamy, Le Pie's mellow, retro-tinged guitar-pop is both subtle and engaging as she walks the tightrope of mastering a definitive era specific retro feel without sounding derivative nor pastiche.

 It's an ambitious EP, One which owes it's success in part to the artists virtue of opting to reinvigorate a less traveled road of the pop music cannon (60's girl groups); as much as it does the clear intelligence of the songwriter (as evidenced by the reprise of the opening track at the EP's close)


Sunday, 11 June 2017

REIN - 'Bruises'

Swedish electro-clash artist REIN has just released a new video accopanying her latest single 'Bruises' (Not a chairlift cover... i know, we were gutted too).

 Musically 'bruises' is as spiky as this Scandi-punk's studded jacket a real fist pumping bit of alternative-techno. 'Bruises' is taken from REIN's new EP "Freedoom", which is available now (UK & Ireland June 9th)

Saturday, 10 June 2017


Brother Sister Duo Ardyn revealed the new video for their latest single 'Together' on the first of the month; musically its good stuff with a certain Nu-Disco/Wonky-pop feel to it reminiscent of Metronomy's opus magnus The English Riviera.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Zola Jesus - Exhumed

Zola Jesus has announced her new album is coming out in September making us the happiest bunch of goths in world.

 Having uploaded a new teaser titled 'exhumed' yesterday, which features shivering strings and a truly haunting vocal arrangement; the new album 'Okovi,' [out September 8] promises to fit well within Zola's already impressive cannon of dark awe inspiring electronica.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Soundcloud Scavenging #5

It's that time again; Our latest mix tape has something of a fuzzy over-driven guitar theme (which can only be a good thing right?)

As such we're delighted to bring you chaotic thrusting punk from the Total Betty's and Wedding Camp, Psychedelic post punk from the Orielles, Grungy angst from Ilser, reverb soaked atmospheric guitars from Psychic hearts and Springtime carnivore before we round things off with a stripped version of alt-rockers Ex-Cops single Black Soap (the original version of which opens the playlist)

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fabrik - Whitestar

Making a welcome return to our listening post are midlands based band Fabrik who we first covered back in April with the release of their St Vincent-esque art-pop single 'Animal'.

The new release uploaded yesterday reveals another side to this versatile group as they experiment with down tempo guitar driven trip-hop.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Rat Fancy - 'Suck a Lemon'

LA's Rat Fancy are a bit of an odd group if we're honest... that said there's something slightly endearing about the group's ill-judged m├ęsalliance of indie-pop and pop-punk at play on their new EP 'Suck a Lemon' In fact we dare say its the group's idiosyncrasies that are it's greatest strength; at once Bratty and Twee, knuckle dragging yet left field, melody driven but lo-fi...

 They're a band of contradictions yes, but that makes them interesting. I mean we're even considering overlooking the fact that the group has (without irony) written an "anti-drama" Teen anthem; which, just in case you're in any doubt, has to be the single most hot-topic-bargain-bin emo cliche we've ever had the misfortune of reading.

 But here's the thing: They're fun. Rat Fancy's music is immediate and honest, instantly gratifying and without pretense. In-fact we might even go as far to say we really really like them.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Cecilia Ebba - 'Sweet Summer Wine'

Swedish born now London based singer songwriter Cecilia Ebba has just released her new single Sweet Summer Wine.

 Out today (02/06/17) via Quiet Rambler Recordings, Sweet Summer Wine is a captivating single featuring emotive, breathy vocals which escape Cecilia like a long dawn out sigh.

 We particularly enjoyed the mysterious atmospheric guitars and the spellbinding ascending melody in the bridge.


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Geowulf - Get You

Europe based Australian Synth-popsters Geowulf have dropped their shimmering, mirage of a single 'Get you'; with a hazy dream-like feel it's a blast of warm sirocco air to welcome in the summer