Thursday, 26 October 2017

Twist Helix - 'Little Buildings'

The crafting of arty, political, pop music is no easy feat, but it is one at which the Anglo-Spanish Electro-pop group Twist Helix excel. As the group wrap up their latest UK tour this evening in what promises to be a night to remember at the groups UK home on Tyneside, we take a look at their last single 'Little Buildings' [released July] a blistering example of the groups signature alternative Electro-Pop sound.

 The single itself is a rapid punching, jagged edged synthesis of rock and electronic elements. Beginning with a mysterious 'Tardis' like atmospheric whirring. From there we're quickly swept away by thrusting runaway arpeggiators and hard edged angular drumming in a gritty and evocative 3 minute work.

 Lyrically there's always been a slightly left-field 'meta'/postmodern aspect to the music of Twist Helix (the band seem to revel in 'music about music inspiring music'); and 'Little Buildings' is no different. The lyrics drawing attention to development schemes which sacrifice art spaces in favour of more 'glass windowed homes to better watch the artists go', it's an intelligent and innovative foil to the groups overarching pop-sensibility

'Little Buildings' is available as a digital download from the groups Bandcamp & features a remix by Jennifer Walton who has previously features on Earthly Pleasures for more info on Twist Helix and for news on future releases go to

Friday, 20 October 2017

Esther Joy - 'Friendless Necessity'

Taking me back to my misspent fucking class youth which was spent reveling in thrusting if somewhat dank electronic bangers by groups like VNV nation ESTHER JOY's 'Psychic Tears' was a welcome stroll down memory lane for me.

 Released in August it's aurally uncompromising record, so heavy on distorted electronics that one can't help but imagine the arpeggiators and drum machines coming in so hot they could melt the sun.

 That said there's a pop sensibility shyly hidden away within these tracks, somewhat eclipsed yes but still present. Certainly worth a listen.


Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ambiere - 'Tree Of Life'

Describing your music as 'Fairytale grunge with a jellybean peanutbutter finish' is certainly quirky attention grabbing tagline, however not its not an entirely fitting one in the case of Ambiere

Cut from a similar cloth as the Jazzy, neo-progressive, trip-hop group London Grammer; Ambieres sound on record strikes me as something more suited to ponderous chin scratching than pumping a jellybean laden fist in a mosh pit; Still it's got a definite quality to it and one that stands up to repeated listening.

Take their track 'Tree of Life' from the Eponymous 2017 EP, a stylish, intricate work robust with heady flourishes such as the lead guitar line which seemingly weaves around the vocal melody like a matadors Rebolera. 

Very, very impressive.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Brooke Bentham - 'Losing Baby'

Perfect, simply perfect that is how I describe Brooke Bentham's new single.

Subtle, atmospheric yet somehow anthemic, you could put this on in the background and read a book or turn it up so loud you can't hear the neighbors hammering on the walls for you to turn it down.

 I seriously rate this track I hope you do too.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dream Nails - ' Tourist'

Riot grrrls Dream Nails are back with their latest track 'Tourist' and as ever the frenetic feminist rockers are holding back no punches when it comes to calling out the patriarchy.

 Musically there's a real retro punk quality to the track perhaps more akin to the sound of groups like Pauline Murray and 'Penetration' rather than Siouxie Sioux and the Banshees; hard hitting from the get go with a choppy, jagged edged guitar hook which will work its way into your head in seconds.

 So what are you waiting for? Click play already! (Girls to the front of the queue obviously)

Jennifer Walton - 'Shy'

If like me you like your Electronica uncompromisingly dank, then I suggest you look no further than the elusive experimental maestro Jennifer Walton's latest track 'Shy'. To craft beauty out of a firmly established atmosphere of gloom is no easy feat, but Walton excels at the art of creating surprising layers and nuance to her wonderful, mysterious instrumentals. Listen out for the measured, manipulated samples, the rasping breathed vocal effect and the minimalist sparse synthesizers.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Novelty Daughter - Kindness Calmness

Having fallen (we can only assume) from some distant star; 'Kindness Calmness' is the latest track from Brooklyn based artist & producer Novelty Daughter. Taken from her forthcoming LP 'Inertia', 'Kindness Calmness' is a cosmic, dreamy work of electronica, which emanates an otherworldly quality from the onset, as wonky, detuned synths quaver amidst a meteor shower of whimsical flittering beats.

 With playful, innovative refrains, and almost alien annunciated lyrics, the track is a joy to take in leaving the listener dazed, wishing only that one day they may surround themselves with speakers if only to race Novelty Daughter's celestially inspired panning of instrumentation in circles, around their room, till we meet the orbit this empyrean of electronics so intended.

Pale Waves - 'Television Romance'

Masquerading as a goth band with eyeliner so thick that even Robert Smith would describe it as 'a little bit OTT'; Manchester's Pale Waves have embarked on a UK Tour off the back of a stellar piece of bubblegum pop in their single 'Television Romance'.

 Featuring some delightful hooky guitar parts which weave effortlessly around lyrics on the chorus it's a neat beautifully executed little tune.

[*Side note* I'm not sure what started the current trend is in pop-production that compels engineers to slide the vocal EQ of tracks so far that female vocalists sound like Lauren Mayberry's kid sister sucking on a helium balloon but please dial it back a bit.]

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Slowcoaches - Complex

I'm somewhat in awe of the production behind Slowcoaches; a high-fidelity thrashing punk record that is at once abrasive yet polished; and on their track Complex Slowcoaches have ticked all the boxes for the makings of a truly classic punk track.

 Touring the UK the latter half of this October/early November, I can definitely see Slowcoaches appealing to fans of groups like Savages or PINS. You can follow Slowcoaches here:

Nelsoncan - 'Breakdown Your Walls'

Danish rock trio Nelsoncan revealed their EP3 last month and its a perfect fix for fans of sultry ardent emotive alt-pop. Driven by fuzzed up bass guitar riffs and angular vocal bursts one can detect in EP3 clear influences from groups such as the The Breeders and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Nelsoncan seem to have combined the best of both and produced a brief but thrilling twenty minute listen.

Heading out on a UK Tour alongside JAWS this November they're one to keep an eye out for.